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September 22, 2008


Christy @ pipandsqueak

I L-O-V-E Cindy and Jim Bob. You did a great job.


I can not wait to see the rest, you are SO talented! We have been awful after taking pics during this pregnancy, so thank God we have you to preserve our memories. We are so grateful that Scott introduced us. JB and I had so much fun at our session, I think he was surprised he enjoyed it so much ;)

Scott Wooley

Cindy, all of a sudden you're like really sexy...Sorry JB, I'm not picking up on your wife, but really....she's got it going on!!!
Just curious JB, have you been tanning? Your skin tone looks really healthy and somewhat attractive. Fake & bake or the real be the judge.

Your friend, Wool


Okay...who would think someone could look sexy and sooooo pregnant at the same time? I mean, I certainly didn't think so when I was pregnant! JB did have fun; he told us so. You look awesome, chica! Oh, and JB, you home?

Susan Wooley

Wow! Cindy your natural beauty along with your baby belly is absolutly beautiful!! You should have been here to see Scott's reaction.... He was like WOW!! she looks HOT and soo Sexy!!I totally agree! Can't wait to see more...

The mulders

BEAUTIFUL! These really show how amazing these two are in real life. Great captures!!!!

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